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Snapshot From a Recent Blog Post By Steve Clayton (Co-Creator Of IMeye)

"3 minutes with IMeye yields $60,000 opportunity..."

There are quite a few domain tools out there lately.   Tools that help you find domains to register, or domains to buy at auction, or maybe even to find keyword phrases that have exact match domains available (an increasingly RARE thing, where the keyword phrase is exactly the same as the domain name).  They’re all lovely and perform a service, but…like Keyword Research…the domain component of IMeye is a bit different!Here’s our take on a what a “good” domain is.  Does that domain currently (or in the VERY recent past) actually rank for a some kind of keyword phrase ALREADY ?  If it does…then you can grab a domain that has INSTANT traffic.

Competition levels ?  Don’t care, these domains ALREADY rank!

Exact Match ? Don’t care!

.org. .net, .com, etc. ?  Don’t care

In fact, we don’t care about ANYTHING at all…except…what kind of traffic does this keyword phrase get…the one that this domain already ranks for ?  If it’s a nice chunk of traffic, and it’s something we could monetize with an affiliate offer of some kind…then we want that domain!  Getting it can build an instant profitable little business.

So how does IMeye work with domains ?

It’s VERY simple.  For each keyword phrase (and we have 4.5 million now!), we store the top 10 sites in Google’s organic search for a normal search (we call that a broad search where the user simply enters the keyword phrase into Google…this is how most searches are done by real people) and we store the top 10 sites in Google’s organic search for a phrase match search (this is where you put your keyword phrase in “quotes”).  We store the broad search for obvious reasons…these sites are instant traffic getters.  We store the phrase match, because these sites are poised to be on the first page for broad search.  A few backlinks, and you can likely turn a domain you get that ranks for phrase match into a broad match ranking domain.  These phrase match domains are often cheaper and easier to get, so they’re well worth looking at!

Every single day we look at these 90 MILLION DOMAINS (4.5 million keywords, and we look at 10 broad match and 10 phrase match domains for each..this is approximate, as there is some duplication there) and we see which ones are expiring soon, expired and ready to register again, or up for auction right now.

People are often surprised that these domains actually become available and can really be obtained.  These domains have such incredible value!  The fact is…that many people simply don’t know what they have.  They don’t even realize they’re ranked, or they’re not doing anything with a site and just forget about it, or they need cash so they auction it off without really realizing the true value.  When you’re looking at 90 million domains each day to see if any are available…it’s just a sheer numbers game.  You’re going to find a lot of gems!

So, the way to take advantage of IMeye is to just look for great traffic numbers, and domains that are available for either broad or phrase match (don’t check both of these options as it’s an “AND” and it will only return a domain if it is a broad AND a phrase match…which dramatically lowers your domains to look at.  Just use them separately.).  Then you can click on the domain icon and see what kind of availability that domain has.

Let’s take a look at a real example.  One I found this morning, in about 3 minutes…literally.

I looked for traffic first.  I like to get at least 3000 monthly searches (exact) OR around 15000 monthly searches (phrase).  Try both as you’ll get different domains.  Then, all I look for are domains that are available…so I set Domain Matches to “Include all keywords having” (VERY IMPORTANT) and then select either Domains for Sale (phrase match) OR Domains for Sale (broad match).  Once again, try both and see what you can find!

This morning, I quickly found the search phrase “ebook software”.  It gets over 12,000 monthly exact searches and 33000 phrase match monthly searches, and it seemed like something I could monetize, so…all good on the first step.

Then, I went over to (free to use) and put the domain in to see where it ranks for keywords (this will not yield as good results for phrase match domains…remember these are more for their potential).  Luckily, not only does that domain rank for the term I saw (confirming IMeye’s snapshot of data), BUT, it ALSO ranks for another (almost the same) term that gets double the traffic (ebooks software)

Domain at semrush

Domain at semrush

Next I have to find out how I could get the domain.  I click on the domain icon (the red or green circle with the exclamation point in the Domain Matches column) to get to our Register Compass interface.

IMeye and Register Compass

IMeye and Register Compass

It shows me that it’s available at namejet.  I click on the “buy” link and I’m taken over to namejet.

Name Jet Listing

Name Jet Listing

From seeing the namejet information, I can see it’s a domain that’s set to be “released” in a couple of days.  So, I have the chance to get it!  I can place a “bid” for a back order.  Back ordering domains is a bit outside the scope of this blog post, but it allows you to quickly snag it before others can see that it’s expired.  Sometimes you’ll see these kinds of availability, other times you’ll be able to simply immediately register a domain, and other times you’ll be able to enter an auction (think eBay!) to buy the domain.  IMeye and Register compass look for all of these opportunities.

Now that I’ve confirmed the domain ranks and will get traffic, AND that I could actually get it for (possibly) under $100 (it’s possible you could click on it and it will show an auction for $5,000 or something! simply move on when that happens!).  Let’s see how I could monetize it.

I do a google search for ebook software and come up with this site:


It’s a software product that has an affiliate program.  There you go..that’s what I’ll sell!  :-)

I can obtain that domain and build an affiliate site to promote and send traffic to ebookgold.

An opportunity like this could be worth a LOT.  It’s very reasonable to assume that simply getting this domain could result in 100-500 visitors per day who are VERY interested in ebook software.  This could mean 1-5 sales per day…easily.  At a $33 commission per sale, this opportunity could be worth $12,000 to $60,000 per year.

3 minutes with IMeye, and then a day to put up a really nice affiliate site…to build a business like that??  Oh, and there’s plenty more where that came from AND the domains that are available change EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This is why I laugh when people say IMeye is too expensive, frankly…it’s because they can’t see this.  You just get ONE of these kinds of opportunities per year (and this took me 3 minutes…let’s not forget!) and you can get a 600% (and that’s at the 1 sale per day mark!) return on the YEARLY expense of IMeye :-)

Please…use it…let these opportunities just fall right into your lap!

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Get Your IMeye Trial By And We Will Also Give You Our 'Keyword Blueprint' Tool For Free (Value: $297). It works in harmony with IMeye and will eliminate the need for any other keyword tool! Full details inside!
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