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Google Adsense Case Study...
In this case study we are going to uncover keywords with high volume, low competition, in high paying Adsense niches. It's going to be a pretty simple case study, but that's because IMeye makes this process so easy!

Here's a quick explanation... One method that many internet marketers use to make money online is via the Google Adsense program, where you display Google ads on your website and Google pays you 50% of the revenue that they receive from the advertiser for each Ad click.

One good way of making money from the Google Adsense program is to set up websites, whether they be blogs, Web 2.0 or standard html sites, then to rank them in the search engines for specific keywords in high paying niches (Insurance, Weight loss etc). Clicks on high paying Ads will obviously generate more income for you.

In other words, the more money the advertiser has to pay Google for each click, the more money YOU get paid! It's also important to say that Google automatically generates the ads based on the content of your website so you have to optimize it.

How do we find the best keywords to rank for in Google? With IMeye it's easy!

To begin, we login to IMeye and select the following columns - Keyword Phrase, Keyword Difficulty,  Monthly Searches (Phrase Match), Keyword Length and AW CPC.

Then we select the following parameters...

Keyword Phrase:   We don't adjust this column as the keywords will 'find us'
Keyword Difficulty:   Set to 'easy'
Monthly Searches:   Set to a Minimum of 5,000 searches a month
Keyword Length:   Minimum of 2 words for each phrase
AW CPC:   Set to greater than $1.00

You can see the screenshot from IMeye below. I have blocked some of the results too to protect current IMeye members.

So what does this show? Literally hundreds of keywords phrases which would be easy to rank for in Google all of which are above our minimum cost per click.

Some of the numbers here are staggering. I have organized the keywords with the highest cost per click at the top and I have revealed a couple of examples too. Remember, that you only get 50% of the stated CPC number as Google retains the other half...and of course, the actual amount you will get per click will vary.

In addition to the above, there are plenty of other features within IMeye that I could use to expedite the process of getting Adsense filled sites online and ranking for some of these keywords. For instance, I could use the domain matching tool to find available and/or used domains with the exact keyword phrases. I could also look for opportunities to rank with Web 2.0 sites too.

Get going with this strategy today... grab your IMeye trial now!

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About These Case Studies...    
IMPORTANT: The purpose of these case studies is not to get into too much depth. They are simply here to show the power of IMeye, what it can do and to demonstrate how one can utilize the features to their advantage in a number of varying ways and combinations.

By looking through each of the 5 case studies, hopefully it will give you a better idea how you can use this tool to help boost your online exposure, traffic, conversion and profits.

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